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Frequently Asked Questions

Donations are dispersed to do the most good through partner agencies across the Pikes Peak Region

How can I donate?

  • Donate through the website
  • Call 719-476-1673 to make a credit card donation over the phone 
  • Mail a check payable to:
    Empty Stocking Fund
    P.O. Box 910942
    Denver, CO 80291-0942
  • Through the printable form you can mail with your donation.
  • Donate through our facebook page 
  • Attend an in-person or virtual event

How do I make a gift of stock?

You can gift appreciated securities and Individual Retirement Account (IRA) assets that qualify as a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) to support the campaign.

If you want to keep the security you donate in your personal portfolio, you can re-purchase the same security at the new, higher basis and reduce future capital gains.

QCDs allow you to donate a portion of your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and to take the distribution 100 percent income tax free. This distribution will not qualify for a charitable deduction, but a QCD is usually more tax-wise than a charitable deduction.

To gift appreciated securities or IRA assets that qualify as a QCD, contact CPA Alexandra McCreary-Ellis at or (719) 445-0601.

Legal Name: Gazette Charities

EIN 84-1526179

When will I receive my tax letter?

If you made your donation by December 31, 2022, you can expect your tax letter in the mail or via email by January 31, 2023.

If you made it after December 31st, you will receive the letter in January 2023.

If you did not receive your tax letter, please reach out to

Is there a minimum donation?

Yes, the minimum donation amount is $5.00.

Where do my donations go?

Every penny goes directly to the partner agencies because expenses associated with the campaign are covered by our generous partners. As the funds are unrestricted, these nonprofits can use them in any way they see fit whether that be providing direct services to their clients or keeping the lights on in their facilities.

Where do the matching grants come in?

Once the campaign has raised the amount of money designated by the matching organization, those funds are unlocked and added to the amount raised. For example, the matching grant of El Pomar Foundation is $200,000. Once that amount of money is raised by the public, Empty Stocking Fund will then receive that donation from the Foundation.

What events do you all host?

Empty Stocking Fund partners with businesses and other entities to obtain recognition and revenue from events throughout the campaign season and during the rest of the year. These events include golf tournaments, beer tapping, family movies, ice-skating nights and much much more. Take a look at our events to support Empty Stocking Fund while also having a blast.

How might the Cares Act Tax Incentive apply to my donation?

Standard deduction

The CARES Act allows you to take a tax deduction for contributions made to qualified charitable entities up to $300 per year starting in 2020. Therefore, any donation to qualifying charities of up to $300 will be added to the standard rate of deduction.

Itemized deduction

For people who file for itemized deductions, the CARES Act temporarily lifts the limits on charitable giving and allows you to take a tax deduction of up to 100% of your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) for contributions to qualifying charities starting in 2020.

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The information provided here is not intended as legal or financial advice. We encourage you to consult with your own advisers and professionals.

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