Donor Impact

Your Donation is Powerful

One donation. 20 agencies. A whole community served. Every dollar you give goes directly to our partner agencies, who are on the front lines of helping people in crisis and assisting others in attaining self-sufficiency.

$10 Provides


Two fully stocked back-to-school back packs


60 lbs. of food for a neighbor in need

Bus Passes

Bus passes to help someone get to a doctor appointment or job interview


Six 30-page resource guides on navigating a mental health crisis

$25 Provides


Clothing vouchers for one household

GED Tests

A GED test for a youth seeking to graduate from high school

Essential Oils

An essential oils diffuser to help lessen hospice patients’ pain and anxiety


One night of shelter for a homeless mother and child

$100 Provides


A desktop computer, complete with Microsoft Office 365, to a family in need


Help to pay a veteran’s utilities to keep the lights and heat on during winter months


Medical and prescription assistance


Tutoring for an unaccompanied refugee minor who has been displaced from their home country

$250 Provides


Three victims of domestic or sexual violence on-call, confidential victim advocacy to any area hospital 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


One month of career readiness workshops,  budget counseling and on-site childcare for a family working to overcome homelessness


One week of Marian House Marketplace groceries for a family in need


10 counseling sessions for active duty, veterans, reservists and their families

$500 Provides


3,000 pounds of food for our neighbors in need


Access to the Parkinson’s Education Program for a full year, where supportive exercise environment optimizes brain recovery and repair


The ability for two children with developmental disabilities to reach growth milestones more quickly


Vehicle repairs

$1,000 Provides


6,000 pounds of food for our neighbors in need


senior clients with housing navigation services and transportation

Rent Assistance

One month of rent and utility assistance


A five-week Provider Education course, teaching health care workers about the “lived experience" of mental illness

What else do your donations provide?

A full day of food and shelter to a family of four, as well as the cost of Red Cross cleanup kits for five families

30000 lbs. of food for a neighbor in need

250 meals at the Marian House Kitchen

Breakfast and lunch per week for a child in a Head Start classroom

Children school supplies, therapy sessions, physical activities, and necessary clothing for children who benefit from our residential care and day treatment services

Sponsorships for 16 adults to attend one parenting education sessions. SafeCare Colorado programs work with at-risk families to help provide parental education in order to stop child abuse before it starts. We teach coping strategies for stress, education for how and when to seek medical attention for your child, and how to create a safe home environment. The classes are voluntary, and the staff will work with the family on an average of 4-6 months to help provide the support in home

Medical/prescription assistance

10 counseling sessions for active duty, veterans, reservists and their families from Mt. Carmel Veterans Service Center

5,000 Below the Surface stickers raising teen awareness of Colorado’s text support line

A family of 5 a home to sleep for 6 weeks

Pack N Play, Education Supplies, Asthma education, Nutritional counseling, Glucose Tolerance Test for pregnant patients, screening pap smear

One person in their last phase of life have one more meaningful experience yet are unable to fulfill their wish due to medical complications, financial restrictions, and/or transportation issues

Six senior clients with three hours each of housing navigation services plus 29 Reserve & Ride transportation services

Safe shelter, basic living needs, case management and counseling services for a family of three for five weeks

Two nights of shelter for over 20 youth

A parent an opportunity to participate in an eight-week session of Positive Solutions for Families, which helps parents feel more prepared to handle even some of the most challenging behaviors they may encounter along the parenting journey

Housing a family of 4 in transitional housing for two months

Helps pay the utilities of three client households to keep the light, heat, and water on

70+ families, and as many as 280 individuals, with food and basic necessities in a week at one of our pantries

One session of Moving for Better Balance classes which allows active older adults to build confidence and prevent potentially devastating falls

And so much more